Since when did Blogging become “Out of Style?” -gianna gordon

Being a substantial obsesser with social media, technology, and the whole synopsis of the world connecting with one another through a phone screen, I have quickly come to the mindset that this kind of adaptation throughout our world is anything but impressive. For one, we are drowning our knowledge in senseless tweets, pictures and videos of our youth involving themselves in reckless and risky behaviors, which leads to further disasters awaiting to happen. Second and surely the most important reason to share this idea is that technology like even blogging is simply ruining our ideas, twisting them, and dumbing them down in just a few short words. Our ideas and mindset is the most precious thing we can hold onto, and yet all the world can talk and “tweet” about is the new “Common White Girl” tweet, or Kim Kardashian’s newest selfie. Whatever happened to our young youth waiting to see the newest comics in the Saturday morning newspaper, or the latest fashion in the magazines. It’s simply all turned into irrelevant thoughts in a short three word sentence on Social Media. 


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