Pop Culture- what went wrong?

Pop culture – defined as a human trap of emotions and bullshit. Hypothetically that is not the real definition, but it is in my eyes and I hope to god in most of the populations eyes as well. What went wrong though? We shouldn’t assume that it’s the reality and pop stars iconic lives today that ruined it, because truthfully it is not. It’s the minds behind the screen and the beholder of the pen that ruin our love for pop culture. Look back into the Monroe, Hepburn days. The qoutes that were published were always positive, it truly radiated who they were as people. Perhaps, that’s why young girls today look up to those past times and admire their words. The future will look and turn their heads at what is published and fed to them from stars like Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, because the only nice things that are published about them is the racy photos that are portrayed in the pages of your US weekly. Find some sympathy and dump the ignorance you have for the celebrities of today, because it’s not them that’s wrong, it’s the people Behind the Screen. 


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