To get a guy; You have to think like a guy

Titled by the wise Words as well as published words from the lady herself, Giuliana Rancic. This candid qoute explains the love culture in today’s generation perfectly. Essentially, girls like to sit back & rather be approached than approach, but that’s the mentality that will never do you in. As Giuliana writes, thinking, approaching, loving like a guy may be your key to love. That is, the door to love. Which, is weird to think, but by all means so accurate. Without approaching a man first, if he has no approached you, you are showing absolutely no interest in pursuit for this lad, and quite frankly, men will not ideally pursuit themselves in a girl with no confidence, or social skills. So, in summary, Giuliana may have found the love of her life by opening the door first. “To get the guy, you have to think like the guy.”


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