Hungry for God or Food?


Hunger is a worldwide problem that about 925 million people are currently dealing with in the world today.
People will often go days and nights without having a single meal, and not a lot of people will even stop and think about this very important issue. This is so significant because it affects primarily the 3rd world countries who can’t obtain a lot of resources. While we all have our burdens and own problems to deal with each and everyday as well, nothing could amount to the issue faced for so many when they are hungry. And, in some cases, it never ends. Gandhi once said “there are some people in this world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them, except in the form of bread.” Although extremely depressing to think about, Gandhi takes the social issue of hunger into a spiritual issue as well. Each and everyday while a rich man may have more fruit in his shampoo than some on their plate, the rich man still takes that fruit for granted. Overall, our society as a whole has a lot of eyes that need to be opened up to the bigger problems in life. Perhaps hunger can be ended with our help. We are so fortunate each and everyday to be able to have warm clothes to wear, and plates that are full, need to do our best to open up our giving hands to the less fortunate without asking for anything in return. And in doing so, we can serve god by not only helping our fellow neighbors, but by spreading his presence in not just a piece of bread.

With love- gianna lyn


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